Tonight join me and co-host Matt welcome guest Cynthia Lee, author of the new vampire series Eternal Rising. Delve into the ancient Egyptian past as we discuss her new fiction novel.

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A bit about Cynthia Lee: 
Dolphin trainer, lion tamer, aerialist, wildlife enthusiast Wicca turned author. Meet Cynthia Lee - the upcoming author of Eternal Rising and The Eternal Series.

Cynthia Lee has always dabbled in writing whether it was creating poetry or short stories but four years ago she embarked on a journey to write her first fictional novel for publication.  Now she is ready to share it with the world. As a creative child her talents in the arts were recognized at a young age but growing up in a small town in southeastern Wisconsin had its limits - she had bigger dreams. Moving down to Florida she pursued Marine Mammal Training at The Clearwater Marine Aquarium and eventually played a role in the filming of a Hollywood movie along-side Director Charles Martin Smith, Harry Conick Jr., Nathan Gamble, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Austin Highsmith, Austin Stowell and Betsy Landin. It was an experience of a lifetime but Cynthia had more dreams to fulfill…

Looking for a new adventure Cynthia moved on to work with Lions, Hyenas and Hippos as a trainer at Busch Gardens which fueled her passion for training and working with big cats. It also allowed her more free time to get back into the arts and to continue writing her novel. Eternal Rising had been put on the back burner for years while she lived out her dream at the fast paced aquarium and BGT but that was then and this is now! Cynthia’s sole focus has shifted back to her craft and writing as she is working towards the publication of Book One of The Eternal Series: Eternal Rising.

“A child born to fulfill an ancient Egyptian prophecy.
The Council seeks to destroy her.
The Elders wish to save her.
One man – sworn to protect her.”


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Tonight December 3 we have guest Dan Guthrie the owner and operator of Haunted Entertainment
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This week Into the Darkness will be taking a one week break whilst I am in Vegas. A girls got to do what a girls got to do. Perhaps an impromptu investigation might be in order. Or just a lot of wild nights in Vegas. Perfect for the vampire lifestyle. On that note we will be returning 
DECEMBER 3 with guest Dan Guthrie Owner of Haunted Entertainment '
DECEMBER 10 Ben Hansen of SyFy's Fact or Faked. Stay tuned. 


This Monday night we have Rich Valdes
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Since childhood Rich has always shown interest in anything supernatural. He have a christian background and was exposed to religious studies delving into demonic possession, exorcisms, angels, and occult practices. Later on in his adulthood Rich continued his studies in these subject matters through the writings of his pastor Frank Marzulo. Rich read up on case files involving Ed and Loraine Warren, John Zaffis and especially the late and great Hanz Holzer. He has been mentioned in the book Ghost Hunters of the South by Alan Brown representing the state of Florida during my stint with Florida Ghost Team (2004-2005). He then created the National Paranormal Society with 2 other colleagues in April of 2005. They were mentioned again in a book State by State edited by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey for an investigation involving the great state of Louisiana and the ninth ward which was devastated by hurricane Katrina. The author's name of that contributing story was Joshua Clark. 
Rich is also an Associate Researcher for John Zaffis’s team PRSNE and his team is the only team that will represent PRSNE in all of the state of Florida.His team is also part of the Affiliates program from Bishop James Long’s team The Paranormal Clergy and he isone of two Administrators for the Clergy website as well.
His new team, Paranormal Consulting Agency, wish to continue to shed light onto the unknown world of the paranormal in hopes of helping every client one at a time.

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Great show in Orlando - House of Blues and thank you very much to Kamelot for being great guys  Outstanding job. None the less. 

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